Above & Beyond | Group Therapy Weekender 2023 | Sustainability


We recognise live music events have an impact on the environment. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to positively contribute and be a part of the solution to the climate crisis.

Photo by Pat Whelen
Our goals
  1. Work towards zero-ing out the environmental impacts of our productions
  2. Be a medium to raise awareness and funding for sustainability-oriented projects
  3. Create empowering, climate action experiences for the Anjunafamily
Our initiatives for the Gorge so far…

In 2022, Group Therapy Weekender Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep donated to the Tacoma Tree Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a community-based approach to growing the urban forest. As an alternative to carbon offsetting, we want to support projects enabling transformative social and environmental change because beyond reporting and carbon emissions it's the right thing to do. This year, we invite you to get behind our fundraising efforts for Earth Percent, a charity supporting the most impactful organizations addressing the climate emergency all around the World.

Our Sustainability Initiatives include:
  • Phasing out single-use plastic by eliminating plastic water bottles and straws and encouraging reusables through water refill stations located throughout the venue,
  • Reusing materials across future Group Therapy Weekenders and other events.
  • Prioritising energy conservation by maximising efficiency and monitoring energy use,
  • 70% venue power is from low carbon sources such as Hydro and Wind.
Travel & Transport
  • Encouraging artists and crew to carpool wherever practical,
  • Working with local suppliers to reduce travel miles.
  • Check out the ride share page for more info.
  • Plant based concessions items are widely available,
  • All burgers, hot dogs, and chicken tenders come from certified humanely raised animals.
  • Working with MIT's Environmental Solutions Initiative to measure the environmental impact of Anjuna events to improve how we operate year on year.
What you can do to help
  • You can help support our fundraising ambitions by making a donation to Earth Percent when purchasing your Group Therapy Weekender ticket
More to be announced soon!
Tacoma Tree Foundation

A nonprofit organization with a community-based approach to growing the urban forest, the Tacoma Tree Foundation seeks to grow the urban tree canopy in the Greater Tacoma area through neighborhood-based planting projects and tree giveaways. The Foundation also provides educational activities that highlight the many social and environmental benefits of trees.

Earth Percent

Co-founded by Brian Eno, EarthPercent works with global leading scientists, activists and experts to identify the most promising solutions, and then funds these from collective donations across music thanks to support from artists, the industry and fans