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Our environmental commitments

We recognise that live music events have an impact on the environment. The good news is that we can all do something about it. You can read about our environmental commitments, what the team behind the Gorge have been doing, and how you can make a real difference, too!

From our side, we know there is much more we can be doing and more that we want to do. We've developed the Anjuna sustainability rider to enable conversations with our event partners on where we can work more closely together to adopt best practices. It also helps us to build environmental considerations into the decisions we make. From how we can reduce fossil fuel consumption and single-use plastics, to working with local crew so we can bring a leaner team with us to events.

We're committed to measuring the impacts associated with our events. As the saying goes, 'You can't manage what you don't measure'. With the support of our good friends at MIT's Environmental Solutions Initiative and our event partner Live Nation, we're learning about where improvements can be made to help us identify where we can maximise the positive impacts of our events.

Our Sustainability and Environment Officer will be coming to site for the first time this year along with Anjunabeats artist and MIT PhD, Norhan Bayomi aka Nourey. Joined by a team of students, we're humbled to present MIT's Climate Machine programme 'We're All In This Together', developed to inspire a sense of empowerment in each of us to take climate action. You can find out more about it here.

Through the Anjuna Fund, we've chosen to support local organisations including the Tacoma Tree Foundation, and Washington Environmental Council. Expertise from MIT's Environmental Solutions Initiative has helped us to identify positively impactful projects, which can continue their vital work through our donation funding.

As a Live Nation venue, the team has been working towards the global sustainability goals and targets as set out in the Green Nation Charter. Announced in 2019, the charter is a huge achievement and we're proud to be working with such a forward-thinking event partner and venue. Here are our top five environmentally-friendly goings-on at the Gorge:

  1. Phasing out single-use plastic by eliminating plastic water bottles and straws and encouraging reusables through water refill stations located throughout the venue;
  2. Contributing towards a total of over composted 150 tons of waste, donating 19 tons of food and blankets, recycling 740 tons of beer cans, achieved across Live Nation venues in 2018
  3. 70% venue power is from low carbon sources such as Hydro and Wind;
  4. Plant based concessions items are widely available;
  5. All burgers, hot dogs, and chicken tenders come from certified humanely raised animals.

You can join our mission to look after the environment by making one or more simple commitments of your own:

  • Shape the future of Anjuna events

    Get involved in cutting-edge research with Anjunabeats artist and MIT PhD, Norhan Bayomi aka Nourey. Stop by the Meadow Stage on Saturday and Sunday to learn about how music events impact the environment and how you can be part of the solution. Find out more here.

  • Aim for full car occupancy

    Choose lower carbon transport like carpooling, or public transport is up there with the most impactful things you can do to help reduce the environmental burden of events. If you're driving buddy up, pack light, and opt for lowest carbon routing.

  • Bring what you need

    Refillable water bottle, environmentally-friendly sunscreen, and robust footwear, check. If you can't see yourself taking it home at the end of the festival chances are big you didn't need whatever it was in the first place. Free yourself from stuff so you can enjoy the important things instead!

  • Support environmental work

    By rounding-up to the nearest $ every time you buy a piece of Anjuna merch, you will be directly funding impactful projects supported by the Anjuna Fund. Tacoma Tree Foundation and Washington Environmental Council will receive 100% of your donation to enable them to continue their vital work.

  • Love the landscape

    How much better does a dance floor look when it's spotless? Respecting the unique and impressive landscape at the Gorge is something we can all get behind. If whatever it is looks out of place, in your campsite or onsite, it probably belongs in a bin. Give the [INSERT: cup, bottle, cigarette butt etc) a helping hand into recycling or general waste and feel like a hero.

Have you got ideas around what else we should be thinking about?
Please send them to contact@anjunabeats.com

MIT Climate Machine Programme

If you've made it here, you are ready for climate action!
You are invited to join us at the beautiful Meadow stage on Saturday and Sunday, where you can help shape the future of Anjuna events and inaugurate a brand new platform to inspire sustainable behaviour change around the globe.

Our team of MIT students will guide you through a one-of-a-kind installation experience. Here, you can learn about how music festivals interact with and impact the environment. Empowered with your new knowledge, answer a few simple questions to discover your climate action identity. Share your result alongside thousands of Anjunafamily members and watch as our collective contributions bring a special art piece to life.

Whether you're starting on your journey towards taking climate action or a seasoned pro, we'd love to see you Saturday 23rd July 17:30 - 18:30 for a live Q&A panel featuring:

  • Anna Johnson, Sustainability and Environment Officer, Anjunabeats / Anjunadeep
  • Annie Norman, Head of Events, Anjunabeats / Anjunadeep
  • Lucy August-Perna, Global Director of Sustainability, Live Nation
  • Norhan Bayomi aka Nourey, MIT PhD and Anjunabeats artist
  • Professor John Fernandez, Director of MIT's Environmental Solutions Initiative

We'll be together at this unique venue facing a collective challenge. Without each other working together and in harmony, we will not succeed. Reversing climate change and restoring our planet's natural balance is arguably one of the most difficult tasks humanity has ever faced, but during this panel we'll hear from people who are already taking part in solving this crisis.