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Above & Beyond TV Episode 27 - Group Therapy LA 2012

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Above & Beyond TV Episode 27 - Group Therapy LA 2012

Added 2 years 3 months ago

Making stars of the thousands that attended their recent LA Shrine shows, Above & Beyond are proud to release their #GroupTherapyLA film.

With 15,000 people attending across the 3 sold out #GroupTherapy shows at the LA Shrine in May, Jono, Paavo & Tony decided that they wanted to make a film that put a spotlight on the most important part of the #groupTherapy experience, the fans.

Every fan was invited to contribute by capturing their own individual #GroupTherapyLA experience on their mobile devices or cameras.

The response was phenomenal and the #GroupTherapyLA film was the result - the latest episode of A&B TV. Offering an entirely new perspective from the usual DJ focussed videos, the films taps into the impassioned preparations and intimate dance floor moments shared at Group Therapy events. The film takes you on the journeys the Above & Beyond fans make, the care, time and attention that goes into the hand-made banners and signs and birthdays being celebrated in true Anjuna style, encapsulating the true meaning of Group Therapy.

Paavo said "A huge thank you to all of the fans that joined us in LA and also made this film possible. You guys are what Group Therapy has become."

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