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Welcome to Group Therapy Radio

A message from Jono, Tony & Paavo

"Group Therapy captures the relationship between us, our music and you, our audience, and the magic that happens when those three things interact. It's something you've all taken into your hearts and it lies at the centre of everything that we do - the community, the connection, the interaction. Our radio show is our weekly Group Therapy with all of you."


When is Group Therapy Radio broadcast each week?

Group Therapy Radio is broadcast 7 – 9pm GMT every Friday night. You can listen to the show through all our usual broadcast partners, including, all our FM syndicates, Sirius XM across North America and the podcast.

Why was Above & Beyond’s radio show renamed to Group Therapy? 

Originally the title of Above & Beyond’s second artist album, Group Therapy has become an idea that has resonated hugely with the many thousands of fans who have attended Above & Beyond’s shows. As Jono, Tony and Paavo explain above, it describes perfectly the relationship between the band, their fans and each other. Community, connection and interaction have always been central to everything Above & Beyond do and those three things lie at the heart of Group Therapy. The radio show has always been the biggest weekly interaction between Above & Beyond and their fans around the world - a global Group Therapy session. We'll be introducing a range of new online features to enrich the interactive experience for listeners.

Is the music policy of the radio show changing?

No, the music policy will remain the same. Above & Beyond will continue to present 90 minutes of the best in trance and progressive, with a 30 minute guest mix from some of their favourite artists each week. 

What is the official hashtag for Group Therapy Radio?

#ABGT. Use it on twitter, instagram, facebook, google+ and join in the Global Group Therapy chat each week by sending in your thoughts, photos and messages. 

Will i be able to receive Group Therapy Radio shows as a podcast?

Yes. If you are already subscribed to the TATW podcast, you will automatically receive Group Therapy radio shows. If you aren't subscribed yet, view the soon to be renamed Trance Around The World Podcast here. 

Can I still access old TATW shows?

Yes, please head to our archive page at